How I Got Started in Birth Photography & Videography


When I was 7, and I discovered a mint green photo album tucked away on my mom’s bedroom bookshelf. My wide, young eyes absorbed what I saw in the crinkly plastic pages with pure fascination and awe. Inside were the pictures of my mother’s labor and my very first birthday!

I saw my mom after hours of hard laboring. Totally naked, pushing, my head crowning. I saw the relief wash over her as I was placed on her belly for the first time. My chubby little 8lb 9oz self was covered in vernix, and I had my super long umbilical cord wrapped around my neck twice with a true knot!

I asked my mom questions, and she told me my birth story. Hearing it felt like a right of passage, and at a very early age, and I began learning about birth and women’s bodies from a normal, open-minded perspective. As I listened to my birth story, I felt how much my mom had loved me then, how hard she worked to give me life. *I felt the ancestral divinity in being female.*

I grew up to be an artist, looking forward to the day that I would have my own babies (but not necessarily planning a career in birth…) When I became pregnant with my first daughter, I discovered doula work and the world of professional birth photography. I love helping people, all people, and immediately I knew that working with moms and babies was my calling. Needless to say, I totally went down the rabbit hole of divine-feminine-birth-awesomeness!

Now I am a full time birth photographer for families in northern Colorado. As a trained and certified birth doula and CLC, I specialize in birth photography, newborn photography and family photography.

I speak from my doula-heart when I say that these moments are priceless, time flies, and you can never get this time back. That’s why I am so passionate about my work. It’s about more than just snapping a few pictures and calling it a day. It’s about more than editing and the technical skill needed to create beautiful photos. My job is about capturing the honest love and connection you have with each other. From the tender way you hold your stretching belly, to that burst of amniotic fluid frozen in time, to the sweet kiss on your baby’s downy head… These moments matter, and I want to help you share your family’s love story for years to come.

If you live outside of Loveland or Fort Collins, don’t be afraid to reach out. I will work with families in Northern Colorado including Windsor, Wellington, Estes Park, Aspen, Red Feather Lakes, Boulder, Longmont, Johnstown, Thornton, Lafayette, Louisville and Denver! And if I can’t be available for your birth, I know many other great birth photographers who I can happily recommend :)