Family Resource Directory

This was put together to help local Fort Collins/northern Colorado families - or those planning a move to Colorado! I hope you find this post refreshing and useful!

* Please Note, I am a birth photographer and doula in Fort Collins, CO so this is a little “birth centric” - but I have included many awesome resources for all stages and facets of parenthood.

Also: Everyone on this list is supportive of the LGBTQ community.

Every so often, I will update this post with current links and resources :)

Women’s Health, Nutrition, Acupuncture + Chiropractic


Holistic Well-Woman Care - See “Birth Centers” for more information.

  • Abarr Lake Chiropractic -(Loveland, CO) Dr. Amy Reeves is Advanced Proficient rated in the Activator Methods technique. A method of chiropractic that is safe for all patients, including babies, elderly, post surgical and anyone preferring chiropractic without an aggressive approach. She also utilizes electric muscle stimulation, ultrasound, diathermy and cranial sacral technique, as well as acupuncture, nutritional counseling and metagenics.

  • Intuitive Hands Physical Therapy - Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy, Classes and Body work for women and children. Boulder, CO

  • Love Co. Acupuncture - This professional and soothing acupuncture clinic in Fort Collins offers specialized care in women’s health and fertility support. They also offer services on a sliding scale for affordable, regular acupuncture treatments for any ailment.

  • Moon Medicine - A medicine woman in Boulder, CO. Her areas of focus include Mayan Abdominal Massage, working with Endometriosis, Fibroids, Infertility, PMS and PMDD, PCOS, Hormonal Imbalance, Estrogen Dominance, Ovarian Cysts, Painful Cycles, Menopause Symptoms, Anxiety and Depression, Ancestral Trauma and Kambo.

  • Sacred Vessel Acupuncture - Nutrition - Sarah Thompson specializes in women’s acupuncture and human nutrition. She is also the only doula in northern Colorado who is also a licensed acupuncturist, allowing her to offer this service for pain relief and labor support.

  • Womb for growth - Natural Birth Control Methods and Support for menstrual cycle and

    fertility challenges.

Pregnancy, Birth + Postpartum Services



  • Northern Colorado Doula Association - This collective of professional & passionate women strives to support childbearing families and women in northern Colorado. Their team of women has a comprehensive offering of services for families in the childbearing years, see the full list on their website!

  • Sage Birth and Wellness - Another great collective of doulas and women’s care specialists with a vast range of expertise in everything that could possibly do with creating tiny humans and being a woman!

  • Sanctuary Healing Arts - Massage and Doula Services for women in the Longmont/Boulder areas.

Birth Centers


I love birth centers and the holistic well-woman care and birth services they provide. Below are the top Birth Centers in Northern Colorado - though there are many other great centers in Southern Colorado as well.

Home Birth Midwives


Hospitals & Family Medicine


UCHealth was the first health system in the state to offer nitrous oxide as an in-hospital labor-pain-relief option. All three hospitals below offer this gentle and highly effective choice. Longs Peak Hospital in Longmont now supports waterbirth.


  • Sleep Solutions for Children - Becky helps parents with the many different types of sleep challenges from the newborn stage through the toddler years. Her one-on-one, in home and overnight methods give you individualized plans based on your family’s unique situation.

  • The Mama’hood - Lactation and Sleep support, parenting classes, yoga and family events - Denver, Colorado

  • Expanding Your Horizons in Science and Mathematics™ (EYH) - A national network to motivate middle school and high school aged girls to become innovative and creative thinkers, ready to meet 21st-century challenges. Encouraging young women to pursue science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) careers through locally-organized programs; EYH provides STEM role models and hands-on activities for young women. The fourth annual Expanding Your Horizons conference will be held on the campus of Colorado State University. Northern Colorado on April 6th 2019! 

Family Friendly Restaurants, Shopping & More

  • Arte Pizzeria - Literally the Best Pizza in Colorado :) Available by the slice or the whole pie, and they make amazing pizza and fresh salads. Additionally, Arte Pizzeria can accommodate special dietary needs with vegan dough, or gluten free crusts + dairy free cheese options. They use local ingredients and even shred their own mozzarella cheese!

  • Annalise the Amaranth - One of a kind, independent Florist with great customer service- Loveland, CO

  • Taste Local - Women Owned Business, Catering and yummy food in Historic Downtown - Loveland, CO

  • The Cupcake Gypsies - Catering Baked Goods - Loveland, CO

  • The Coffee Tree - Family friendly Coffee Shop in Loveland, CO with the best customer service.

  • Little Bird Bakeshop: A humble (yet often crowded) bakery/coffee shop in Old Town Square in Fort Collins, CO. serving the best baked goods year round, and in the summer the fountains and splash pad are great for kiddos to play while moms enjoy a superb coffee and treat.

  • Clothes Pony & Dandelion Toys: A unique and quality Toy Store. One Location in the historic downtown Fort Collins, CO and another in Boulder, CO. They offer quality children’s toys, shoes and boutique clothing, weekly story time, sing along, free play areas, and shoe fittings for little ones.

Legal & Real Estate

  • Wills & Wellness: A legal team of lawyers helping families with legal needs like Wills and family Estate Planning - Denver, CO

Bereavement Resources

  • StillBirthday: Providing families with a multitude of different resources for honoring, and coping with pregnancy and infant loss.

  • 3Hopeful Hearts: Dedicated to providing parents and families support after the loss of a child. Through grief companionship, they provide bereaved parents and families opportunities to honor, find hope, and seek healing through events, support, education, and remembrance.