Hey there. I am Chelsea Delanie. An artist, a mom to two. A certified lactation counselor, birth doula; and a birth and family photographer. Writing “about me” stuff isn’t really my cup of tea, although I do like tea….

If you want to get to know me a little better, follow my art instagram page HERE or my photography instagram page HERE. In the meantime, here are some random tidbits.

☽ I was born and raised in Colorado, and I have taken a fair share of hikes in flip-flops or bare feet.

☽ Growing up, I was endlessly fascinated with our antique family albums and boxes of loose pictures. My dad is a genealogist, and we have quite the array of tattered and faded old photographs — some about 140 years old! Looking at them has always brought me a sense of peace, and deeper understanding about myself and who I descended from. That feeling ultimately led me down to path of photography.

☽ Eating my husband’s homemade sourdough bread, and oil painting ~ are definitely some of my top favorite activities. Although anything related to creativity or making art always grabs my attention. I loved sculpture and jewelry making in college, and watercolors are fun too… but oils and photography get most of my artistic focus nowadays.

☽ My work does focus mostly on women and babies, and I could technically be defined as one.. but I don’t like the label “feminist”. I don’t like labels in general — I am passionate about all human and animal rights.

☽ I believe that growing, birthing and raising our children is a sacred, beautiful, challenging process. I am passionate about helping women feel supported and empowered in their path.


I believe everyone deserves a tangible, beautiful way to remember their life’s most meaningful moments. Whether you need professional birth photography, newborn photography, or your new trusted family photographer — I would love to support you with compassionate, artisan service.
My photos and films are for families in Fort Collins, Loveland, Longmont, Wellington, Boulder, Estes Park, Thornton, Denver, Greeley, and Aspen. Thank you!

Thank you!