Newborn & Family


First, I want to say congratulations on your growing family!

I love being a newborn photographer, and as a mother, I know first hand how absolutely magical this point in your life can be. During these times, we connect with the little souls that just came through us. Our relationships are challenged, hearts open, and our love grows as we become absorbed in caring for this new member of our family. It’s no easy task though, and all of the magic can quickly feel more chaotic and exhausting when we’re sleep deprived, un-showered and at the mercy of our hormones.

The raw season of life you’re in might not feel the most glamorous at times, but I promise you it’s a beautiful story.

You won’t know what you’re missing until you no longer feel sticky little hands on your cheeks. One day, you will want to share this transformative and beautiful moment with your family, friends, children, grandchildren…even great-grand children.

I want to give your family the beautiful gift of remembrance that lasts for generations. You deserve to have your life’s most precious people and memories frozen in time, and your memories deserve better than to be squirrelled away in a cloud somewhere! Rather, they should be proudly shared in beautiful albums and archival quality prints.