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The journey of pregnancy, birth and familyhood is brimming with stormy beauty…. incredible courage, and the most powerful kind of love.

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Chelsea Delanie is the leading birth photographer in Loveland and Fort Collins, CO. Her birth photography & films document the emotional love stories that are told by supportive hands and written in stretch marks… pulsing umbilical cords, and fresh vernix smeared across tender bellies.


My role in your story is supportive, unbiased, meaningful, and artfully low-key. One day, when you no longer hear the stomp of little feet running through your house, you will cherish these moments. During the hazy and sacred moment you finally meet your baby’s eyes, or reach an important milestone, I am there for you. So your loved ones can be in the story with you, focused on supporting you not be distracted behind their camera.

Before your baby’s birth, we will meet at least once or twice to get to know each other a little better. We will talk about how I work, and you can tell me more about your life, your birth plan, and what is most important for you. This first meeting helps you know what to expect and feel more at ease when I join you in your beautiful, intimate hours.

I specialize in birth, family & newborn photography… but I am also a certified doula and lactation consultant! I’ve developed both local and international friendships with some of the world’s best birth photographers, midwives, and doulas. However your birth story unfolds, I am there as an encouraging, supportive member of your birth team, and my backup partners share my same philosophies.

The Birth of Mason - Birth Stories Boulder, CO. Birth Photography & Films by Chelsea Delanie.

The Birth of Mason - Birth Stories Boulder, CO. Birth Photography & Films by Chelsea Delanie.

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Living the on call lifestyle of a birth photographer means that I can only take a limited number of clients per month. I truly want to be there to support you with compassionate, quality photojournalism, but my schedule fills quickly — so please get in touch as soon as possible. Thank you!